Mac and Cheese Pancakes at Butch + Babe’s

31 Mar 2015 / Uncategorized

Our goal as a restaurant is to make you feel comfortable. When you sit down here, we want you to feel like you’re in your grandma’s house..well maybe not your grandma…she probably didn’t make homemade ramen noodles. But, you get the point.

Now when you think of comforting food, what do you think about? Mac and Cheese? Pancakes? How about both? Yep, Mac + Cheese Pancakes – always on the menu at Butch + Babe’s. Not only are they damn tasty on their own, but we serve them with an irresistible habanero maple syrup.

We have to admit something though…we didn’t invent the Mac + Cheese Pancake. The idea actually came from a man named Kenny Shopsin, the late owner of Shopsin’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village and the subject of the documentary: I Like Killing Flies. Take a look at Kenny making his version below:

In a menu-planning sit-down, the topic of this recipe came up, and we realized that it would be perfect for the B+B menu. After multiple rounds of delicious testing, we have finally devised our own version of this mac and cheese recipe that we’re happy to serve to you.

Come try the Mac + Cheese Pancakes (add hot dog if you’re feeling sassy!) any night at Butch + Babe’s – perfect with a round of beers.