Meet Colby + Garth

Butch + Babe's Customer Highlight

We asked some of our frequent customers what they thought about us and here’s what we got back:

My husband Garth Allen and I are Butch and Babe’s regulars! We live right around the corner and were some of the first customers. I believe in fact Kortnee sold me her first gift certificate a few days before they opened the doors!


What do you do?

Colby and Garth

I am an assistant professor in the education department at UVM and my husband works for Gallagher Flynn and Co. as an accountant. We have known Kortnee’s husband Erik for many years as we are fellow O.N.E. residents and were excited to hear that Kortnee and Narin would be opening a restaurant right in our neighborhood!


What’s your favorite dish?

Although I believe we’ve sampled every dish on the menu, favorites include the Pork Patties, the Sunshine board, the Kale salad and the french fries. Literally, they make the best french fries in town!  Honestly, though, you can’t go wrong with any items on the menu and like I said, we’ve tried them all.


What keeps you coming back?

One of the main things that keep us coming back is the whole atmosphere. It really does feel like a community pub. We regularly bump into friends and neighbors and are treated as such by the waitstaff. We like supporting local businesses but dining at Butch and Babe’s feels like so much more.


How often do you come to Butch + Babe’s?

We try to dine there at least once per week because we appreciate the consistently good food, the location, and the great welcoming atmosphere.

Colby thumbs up


Dinner or Brunch?

Although we go most frequently for dinner, the brunch is also excellent. My husband loves the grits bowl, and the waffle special I had last weekend was literally one of the most amazing breakfast foods I’ve ever tasted.


Anything Else?

We’re so happy that Butch and Babe’s is our “go to” spot and hope others discover what a special and unique restaurant that it is too!