Meet Jaclyn

Butch + Babe's Staff Highlight

What does she do?

Call her Jack-of-all-Trades, mostly because her name is Jackie. This is Jackie and she’s played many different roles here at Butch + Babe’s.

You’ve probably seen her doing anything from being our pastry chef, to being the mastermind behind our Sunday Brunch. She’s even managed the house on Thursday nights. Now, she’s our chef!

Jaclyn has been with us since almost the beginning, she joined us just a few weeks after we opened and has stuck with us ever since. What’s kept her around? Maybe it’s the love for her work or our pork dishes.


Jackie’s Butch + Babe’s Favorites

Jaclyn told us that she loves being able to work with local products and getting free reign to do whatever she wants with them. Her favorite season for fruit? Strawberry and rhubarb (we agree). Jaclyn does get quite creative when it comes to pastries here, if you haven’t been in to check out her masterpieces at brunch, we highly recommend it.

But if you ask her what she’d recommend here, it would be our pork patty dishes. She likes them not only because of the medley of pork, rice, and a salad but because of the ever-changing sauces with truly amazing flavors.


Professional Life

Jaclyn’s passion for regionally sourced ingredients and simple, delicious, food started right out of culinary school in the heart of New York City’s SoHo district. As Sous chef for the much-lauded Savoy, she fell in love with season extension developing an expertise in preserving, pickling, and sausage making.

A desire to be closer to the ingredients inspiring her cooking lead her to Maine where she focused on cooking as a tool for youth and community education before joining the kitchen at Barrio Bakery and exploring a love of bread baking. In February of 2015, she joined the team at Butch + Babes where she is now chef.

At Butch + Babes Jaclyn is excited to share a menu inspired by thriving food culture of Burlington. Diners can expect polished comfort food that is playful and delicious with a focus on celebrating the best Vermont’s farmers have to offer. Jaclyn is also a mom + wife that enjoys gardening, records, antiquing.