Meet Megan

Butch + Babe's Customer Highlight

Megan has been frequenting at Butch + Babe’s since it opened. She’s a local to the Old North End, not only living there, but she does a lot of her nonprofit work in the area.

Megan and her husbandComing in for dinner, Megan opts for our Vegetarian options and always sits at the bar.

She’s a fan of our kale salads in all their different versions and enjoys our specials because they’re different and interesting.

Megan frequents with us more at the end of a work week and wishes that she could take better advantage of our Tuesday Vegan night that would offer her vegetarian tastes something new every week.

What’s one of Megan’s favorite things about us? Well, not only is it because we’re within walking distance, but Megan told us it’s our food and staff that seal the deal.

Megan raved about the mix of cultures shown within our dishes with anything from a hot dog to a really interesting Thai inspired sauce but with emphasis on local purveyors. These new and interesting flavors are something that Megan knows she can’t make at home, so she comes to Butch + Babe’s to get her fix.