Meet Tyler

1 Mar 2018 / Uncategorized

Meet Tyler

Butch + Babe's Staff Highlight

He’s your bartender some nights and server others. Regulars most definitely have seen him, he’s been a friendly face behind Butch + Babe’s for around a year and a half.

What’s kept Tyler around for so long? Well, he loves the other members of the Butch + Babe’s staff, which we like to think is why he’s stuck around. Being a long time staff member, Tyler has eaten one or two of the dishes here.

His favorite dish? Well, he doesn’t even know that, but the specials tend to catch his eye and satisfy his taste buds. He even does some cooking in his free time.

His fiancé’s mom gave them quite a few cookbooks from Barefoot Contessa, so those tend to be the books they reach for when cooking.

All this, and Tyler still times find to have a side job (we know that’s us, but still). Tyler’s main gig is as a school teacher. Primarily middle school writing or social studies where he’s been a long-term substitute but is hoping for a full-time position.