Melvin’s Picks

9 Nov 2017 / Burlington Restaurants, Butch and Babe's, Menu

Melvin’s Pics

baby melvin

Our biggest and littlest fan! This is Melvin, he may be just over a year old, but he’s one of Butch + Babe’s most dedicated customers. He’s got a few favorites off the menu he’d like to share with everyone!


French Fries

Who doesn’t love french fries? We certainly do and so does Melvin. They’re crispy, not too crunchy, but made to perfection. Our other customers also think so, since they nominated us for a Seven Daysies for best fries. Now, we think our fries are pretty perfect by themselves, but sometimes you might want to add a little something to them. To spice up your fry experience we serve them with a housemade ranch that compliments oh-so-well.


Vegan Pasta

Next on Melvin’s list is the vegan pasta. He might not be vegan but loves the van Gogh Vegan. It’s creamy and nutritious, what more could you ask for when it comes to a pasta dish? Even picky Melvin will eat this veggie-filled dish because he thinks it tastes just that good! And to top it off, crunchy focaccia crumble, yum.  

Melvin Eating Food



If Melvin is feeling a little more hungry and wants something with chicken, he leans towards the Miso Chicken. Not only does he love Misty Knoll chicken, but the citrus-miso glaze is one of his favorites. He also likes the rice that comes with it. Don’t be confused, this dish is also a healthy and Melvin devours the seasonal vegetables every time. He thinks, if you’re a fan of chicken, you’ll be a fan of the Chicken dish.





Melvin Eating a Waffle


Dinner isn’t the only time Melvin enjoys Butch + Babe’s, he frequents with us at brunch as well. Jackie’s pastries are up there on his list of brunch favorites, but on top is the Roasted Veggie Cheddar-Grits Bowl. Melvin is pretty health conscious and likes to include some seasonal veggies in with his brunch, but he’ll indulge with two eggs and bacon added into the mix. He also thinks that the Grits Bowl makes it worth getting up before noon on a Sunday.