Something’s New

25 Jan 2018 / Uncategorized

Our New Menu

Check out what is new in 2018 at Butch + Babe's

If you’ve been into Butch + Babe’s since the start of 2018, you may have realized a few adjustments to our menu. Yes, things around here are changing and we want to them with you. With Jacklyn as our new chef, the menu reflects her culinary strengths and creativity. So what are some of the dishes that you may not recognize?


The Changes

Starting with dishes to share, now aptly named the Snack Corner. What’s new here is a fritter of the week, which will continue to change, but will always be delicious.


Moving on to our entrees, we’ll be introducing the Chicken + Stuffing. Featuring Misty Knoll chicken with stuffing, braised greens, and cranberry-apple mostarda: if you’re a chicken lover, this is going to be a dish you want to try out.


We also have two whole new sections to the menu, which we’re really excited about. First, we introduce a section we call In the Bowl. This section features some amazing dishes from soup, to polenta, to salad. We’re super excited to introduce the Maple Chili Polenta which is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy in one dish.


Another exciting addition to our menu is a whole section devoted to our vegetable loving friends. Our previous menu may have had vegan and vegetarian options and now we have so many more! From sides to full dishes our Veggies + Legumes section is completely vegan and gluten-free. The General Tso’s Cauliflower and the Squash Salad are a must to try out. We hope you’ll love them all and get a chance to try them out soon.


The Good ‘Ol Favorites

If you’re worried about some of the new changes to the menu, don’t fret! We’ve kept some of your favorites. The Mac + Cheese Pancakes are here to stay along with the Pork Patties and B + B burger. The Sunshine Board is also here to stay, but just has moved around.


So help us ring in the New Year with new flavors. Come in and try out some of our most recent additions to the menu!